Carol Van Gorp
I love to cook and entertain. Here are a few of my favorite recipes.
Ketucky Derby Mint Julep

Simple Syrup:
Boil together equal amounts of sugar and water. Boil them long enough so that the mixture is clear - which will be about a minute after it starts boiling. Remove from the heat and throw in mint leaves to "steep" and make a mint infusion. Let sit for an hour, strain out the leaves and put infusion into a pitcher in the refrigerator

When ready to serve:
Pour a smal amount of the syrup into a glass- preferably a silver mint julep glass but any type will do.  I usually put a scant quarter inch of syrup.  Pour a jigger or so of Kentucky Bourbon into the glass.  Do not use a blended whisky or any of that Tennessee stuff! Fill glass with crushed ice. Insert a fresh sprg of mint so that you smell it while you are sipping your drink.  I usually wrap a cocktail napkin around the glass.  Enjoy!.
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